Story and Player Art

Zerethea II is a distant planet with magical properties and no inhabitants. The Intergalactic Alliance has sent a few scientists and families to prepare for world building, but things aren’t going according to plan.

The settlers have been experiencing unexplained tech malfunctions and increasingly strange environmental events. They recently discovered an ancient starship and some eroded structures, both covered with alien runes that no one has been able to decipher.

“Wilaheim”: Player Art by Antonio Gomes

Before more ships arrive, the Alliance wants to make sure the planet is truly inhabitable. They have assembled a team from distant corners of the galaxy to investigate the ruins and talk to the settlers.

“Spider”: Player Art by Antonio Gomes

The ship carrying the team – YOUR team – lands off course in a cloud of purple dust. As you take in your surroundings, you soon realize there’s much more to this planet than meets the eye. Welcome to Zerethea II, where travellers may encounter androids and robots, scientists and mages, ancient mysteries, marvellous creatures and maybe even…a dragon??